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Taste The Drink of the Royals – Special Chai with special chai masala

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The story of the invention of tea says it was an accidental invention. Once a Chinese king was hunting in the forest and while resting, the cook served him hot water. Accidentally, a tea leaf has fallen into the drink and the cook did not notice it. The king after sipping the tea was mesmerized! Thus, chai started its journey with humankind.

Special Care & Conditions

Tea cannot grow in all climatic conditions. It should have a proper altitude, temperature, soil, and dew among others. Some of the best favourable locations for tea in India include the hills of the northeastern part of India – Especially in the state of Assam and West Bengal. Darjeeling tea, Sikkim tea, and Assam tea are the most famous ones. In the southern part of India, tea is grown in the beautiful calm western ghats in the states of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The special conditions required for tea to grow rich and give the best flavour are available only in these places. Plucking the finest leaves is only possible with the right expertise.

Blending the perfect CHAI

Chai is an emotion for most people around the globe. Preparing a perfect chai is not an easy task. But with Advik Savor’s chai masala, your tea would get the perfect smell and taste that mesmerises anyone.

First, on the stove, boil water in the required quantity to serve (Refer to our package or the product description for the exact quantity). Then, add tea powder to the boiling water and once it is perfectly boiled, add milk and let it become almost perfect. Now, to make your chai special, add the secret ingredient, Advik Savor’s Chai Masala – Choose from the three different flavours. If you need a little bit of relaxation, then choose the elaichi flavour. If you are looking to go herbal, choose the tulasi flavour. Any flavour will tingle your tongue with a special feel.

What makes Advik Savor’s chai masala even more special is, once you taste it, you will always crave more of it.

Is it Healthy?

Tea is the most healthy energy drink one can have. It not only serves as a refreshment drink but also gives the person enjoying a very beautiful Chai. Adding flavourful chai masala to the tea increases its health benefits. It is believed that tea is good for the heart and will keep most of the vitals active. Preferring tea over coffee is recommended by most of them, keeping in view the bad effects of caffeine. Chai does not contain any caffeine and the chai masala also does not contain any ingredients that might cause side effects. All the natural ingredients are healthy and tasty!

Elaichi, one of the best spices is an important ingredient in most ayurvedic medicines. It is the best anti-oxidant to help reduce high blood pressure. Elaichi also helps your digestive system to be intact. A simple google search will give you a numerous list of things cardamom can help you with. Some scientists also recommend cardamom for post-surgery recovery for a few surgeries. Elaichi can be consumed by people of all age groups in limited amounts. Therefore, our Elaichi Chai Masala is the best healthy product that adds taste and aroma to your cup of chai

Tulasi is a sacred plant for most Indians due to the fact that Tulasi is a plant that contains many good medicinal properties. Consuming the tulasi leaf by chewing is not recommended as it yellows the teeth. Although, consuming it directly without chewing is beneficial to the human body. A cup of Advik Savor’s Tulasi-flavoured masala chai will start your day fresh. Tulasi acts as an anti-depressant due to its anxiolytic property. It also counters metabolic stress by controlling blood pressure, lipid and glucose levels. One of the most talked about healing properties of Tulasi is, it aids in fighting to prevent diabetes!

Our products are healthy products. Order now to keep your family healthy and fresh every day! Gone are the days when we can say an apple a day keeps the doctor away because not all the apples in the market are ripened naturally. Now, it is time to say, a cup of Advik Savor’s Masala Chai a day keeps the doctor away. It is due to the fact that it contains many healthy ingredients that help fight the toxic ailments of the body.

Therefore, order now by going to our products page and get home the pack of health to your loved ones with a single click. We promise that all our products are thoroughly checked for quality before being packed and dispatched. So, do not worry, we are here to ensure the quality of the products. Just grab a cup of Masala chai while you wait for our next blog!

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