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The organic chai masala

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This blog is especially for all the chai lovers out there who would surely prefer chai over any other drink at anytime. Nowadays many people all around the world prefer chai instead of other available drinks on the market. As Indians we know the importance that chai holds in every household, chai is a drink that is mostly consumed every day in an Indian household sometimes more than 2 times a day. Chai is something that makes us get addicted to it and it automatically becomes a part of our daily life.

Do you want to make your chai more flavorful and tastier than ever? Then you have to try out our amazing range of Advik Savor’s Chai Masala. Advik Savor’s chai masala is one of the most trending and demanding products in the market nowadays. This appetizing masala is known for its flavoursome taste and unique formula. It enhances the taste of your chai by making it more refreshing and beneficial at the same time.

Types of Advik Savor’s chai masala

There are 2-3 tempting variants available in this chai masala namely tulsi, masala chai, and elaichi. All three flavours have distinctive and luscious taste. It gives your chai a mouthwatering aroma that will refresh you from within.

Tulsi chai masala

tulsi is known for its beneficial effects on our health. Tulsi has various benefits such as it helps us to normalize our blood pressure and blood glucose. It also has a positive effect on our memory and further helps us to overcome stress whether it is metabolic or psychological which aids us to lead a healthy life with a healthy mind. Tulsi contains an amazing fragrance too which makes it even more tempting.

Masala chai

Masala chai is made up of a combination of a few spices namely black peppers, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, etc. Black pepper is a very commonly used spice worldwide. Black pepper has a lot of benefits as it is high in antioxidants and helps in improving cholesterol levels. It has a positive effect on our brain functioning and gut health. Secondly, ginger is also a very widely used ingredient when it comes to cooking. Ginger improves our immunity, and makes our digestion better and faster. It also has benefits on our skin by making it appear healthier. Lastly, cinnamon helps us boost our energy levels and it also contains anti-inflammatory properties. Cinnamon gives us youthful-looking skin. This tea turns out to be very flavorful and pleasant.

Elaichi chai masala

Elaichi also known as cardamom helps in curing cough and cold. It helps us boost our metabolism and also helps cure stomach problems.

How to make tea using our chai masala?

Do the routine that is adding water, tea leaves, milk, and sugar, and then at the end add your favourite flavour of our chai masala. Let it boil. Serve hot and enjoy the delicious chai with an amazing aroma. The first sip will make you feel refreshed and full of energy and I bet it will get even tastier as you further enjoy it. All three flavours are a must-try as all of them will give you a unique wholesome experience and you will love it.

What makes us different from other brands?

Our foremost aim is on your health and body which is why we provide you with products that are hundred per cent organic and straight from the farm. We avoid using any ingredient which can harm your health in any manner. Our authenticity and organic nature are what make us stand ahead of other brands.

Choose Advik Savor’s masala for a heavenly experience!

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